Historical and Cultural Tour

A 6 day tour which aims to take you to some of Mexico City’s top attractions, including: the pyramids at Teotihuacán; the famous Anthropology Museum; the Aztec archaeological ruins of Templo Mayor; and the previous residence of the Mexican President, Los Pinos.

This tour also includes guided tours of some of the fantastic food, flower, and artisan markets in the city, as well as guided walks around the Zocalo and the Coyoacán borough. It’s enough to give you a taste of what this incredible city has to offer!

15th – 20th January 2023

Trip Overview

Day 1: Melaque to Mexico City

We’ll take a direct flight from Manzanillo into Mexico City, arriving around lunch time. After grabbing a quick bite to eat and dropping our luggage at the hotel, we’ll take you on a guided walking tour of the historic centre, including the Government Palace and around the Zocalo.
Accommodation: Mexico City

Day 2: Markets, Palacio de Bellas Artes & Templo Mayor

We’ll first take a slow amble down to Alameda Central for guided tours of the Palacio de Bellas Artes and Diego Rivera Mural Museum, before we then catch a ride down to an incredible artisan market in the centre of the city, with handicrafts from all over the country available.
After lunch, we’ll head back to the historic centre and visit the archaeological ruins of the great Aztec Templo Mayor.
Accommodation: Mexico City

Day 3: Teotihuacán

To beat the weekend crowds, we’ll head to the famous and mysterious archaeological site of Teotihuacán, located just north of the city. We’ll spend most the day here, exploring what remains of this once great and large city, a site still be studied by archaeologists today.
Accommodation: Mexico City

Day 4: Coyoacan & Xochimilco

In the morning, we head over to the artsy area of Coyoacán, a borough that Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera once resided and worked in. You’ll get the chance to visit both their homes and studios, as well as explore the area’s centre and artisan markets.
After lunch, we’ll head to the south of the city to take a leisurely boat ride through the Aztec-built canals of Xochimilco, where you can enjoy a bevy whilst learning about the historic significance of these ancient waterways.
Accommodation: Mexico City

Day 5: Chapultapec

After breakfast we’ll head west of the historic centre to the Chapultepec area. We’ll spend the whole day here, taking in fantastic views of the city from Chapultepec Castle; enjoying a guided tour of Los Pinos, former residence of the Mexican President until 2018; and delving into Mexico’s long and rich history in the city’s famous Anthropology Museum.
Accommodation: Mexico City

Day 6: More Markets & Return Travel

On your final day, we’ll pay a quick visit to a local flower market where vendors travel to from all over the city to get fresh flowers, and finish off at the huge Merced Market to explore their dulce area.


2023 Prices

$19,500 pesos per person (based on double occupancy)

$3,500 peso single person supplement


6 days, 5 nights

What’s included?

(transfers, bus & return flights to Manzanillo*)


Local Guides


All Entrance Fees

*For other departure points, such as Guadalajara, please contact us



Air pollution and the elevation level are what can make this tour more difficult for some


Warm during the day, colder at night


Mexico City – 2,250m (7,350ft)

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