Monarch Butterfly Tour

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The state of Michoacán in Mexico is known for its artisan crafts, day of the dead celebrations and one of the greatest natural phenomena on earth: the Monarch Butterfly migration. Each year these butterflies make a 4000 km journey south to Mexico from the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Beginning in August, they move south to hibernate over winter before then reproducing, generally, in February and early March. This first generation then begins its journey back north at the beginning of spring, however, it will be second, third and fourth generations that reach the northern territories.

Our tours to Michoacán include a visit to one of the protected sanctuaries where these butterflies migrate to, where you will be able to see them in their natural habitat, in their tens of thousands, before they fly back north.

Each tour gives you the opportunity to explore the state capital and UNESCO World Heritage city of Morelia, as well as the Pueblo Mágico of Pátzcuaro. Both cities played important parts in the history of Mexico and are enriched with colourful and vibrant cultural traditions. We also show you some of the local handicrafts produced in the region, with the chance to meet local artisans and see their work and production methods.

17th – 21st February 2025

A 5 day tour to the heart of Michoacán, including 2 nights in Morelia and 2 nights in Pátzcuaro

Trip Overview

Day 1: Melaque to Morelia

Outward travel from Melaque to Morelia. Includes a walking tour of the historic centre upon arrival.
Accommodation: Morelia

Day 2: El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve

A day spent in the protected biosphere reserve to visit where the monarch populations spend their winters.

Day 3: Capula & Pátzcuaro

A morning spent in Capula, including a visit to a local artisan clay workshop who’s specialty is making clay Catrinas, followed by an afternoon exploring the Pueblo Mágico of Pátzcuaro. Walking tour of the centre included.

Day 4: Santa Clara del Cobre & Tzintzuntzan

A morning in Santa Clara del Cobre to learn about local copper production with a live demonstration in one of the workshops here. In the afternoon, an optional visit out to the previous capital of the P’urhépecha Empire, Tzintzuntzan, including a tour of the archaeological site here and time in the local markets.
Accommodation: Pátzcuaro

Day 5: Return travel & Tlaquepaque

A morning in Pátzcuaro before our return journey to the coast,


2025 Prices:

$11,500 pesos per person (based on double occupancy)

$3,000 single person supplement


5 days, 4 nights

What’s included?





All Entrance Fees


Medium to High

Hike to monarchs is quite steep, but horses are available and recommended


Warm in the day, cooler at night and at El Rosario in the shade


Morelia – 1,920m (6,299ft)
El Rosario – 2,700m (8,856ft)
Patzcuaro – 2,140m (7,020ft)

measurements above sea level

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