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Cuzalapa Coffee Tour

Monday 9th March, 2020

Located in the Sierra de Manantlán biosphere reserve, in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range is the community of Cuzalapa. Here, in the year 2000, a group of ladies formed a co-op called “Color de la Tierra” to rescue and preserve the coffee growing traditions of the local area. They now grow their own coffee, as well as purchasing coffee and other products from 53 local families, which they sell from their small community store.

Our full day tour takes you into the heart of this small community where you will meet some of the ladies who work here, hear about their history and story, get a chance to explore some of the plantation grounds, and try their own delicious shade-grown coffee. By supporting this group you are also helping preserve traditions that were, and in some cases, still are, in danger of being lost to newer generations.

Price includes transport, guide, translator, coffee and cake upon arrival, lunch (excludes ice cream on the way back)