Copper Canyon Tour

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Approximately 600 miles south of the Mexican border with the United States, lies a group of canyons collectively referred to as the Copper Canyon. Formed between 30 and 40 million years ago as a result of volcanic activity and river erosion, these six canyons are home to stunning wildlife, indigenous communities, the incredible El CHEPE railway line and one of the world’s longest ziplines!

This region has become a bucket list destination for many visitors to Mexico and is truly worthy of its place as one of Mexico’s greatest natural wonders.

Our tour to the Copper Canyon lets you explore the birthplace of Zorro and designated Pueblo Mágico, El Fuerte; visit the small canyon town of Cerocahui, located just below the incredible viewing point of Cerro del Gallego; stay right on the canyon edge and test your wits at the adventure park in Divisadero; and spend time in and around the working town of Creel.  We also give you the chance to ride the famous CHEPE railway line twice, using it as our main mode of transport to get in and out of the canyon!

7 Days, 6 Nights

2021 Dates: TBC

Our 7 days, 6 night tour to the Copper Canyon starts and ends in the Pueblo Mágico of El Fuerte, where over the next 7 days, we’ll move deeper into the canyons and spend our time exploring some of the highlights of what this region has to offer.

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2021 Prices: TBC

2020 Prices:

$28,000 pesos per person based on double occupancy
$3,000 peso single person supplement


7 days, 6 nights

What’s included?

Transport (Air, Bus & Train)

Accommodation (+tips for hotel staff, excl. bar staff)

12 Meals

Local Guides

Entrance Fees



Whilst the level of difficulty on the walks involved is relatively low and the entire tour is taken at a relaxed pace, this trip is at altitude and cold temperatures can have an effect on your mobility. Availability of elevators in hotels is also limited in some of the accommodations.


Mild to warm during the day, considerably cooler at night.

Weather can be temperamental in the canyons and snow has been known to fall between January and March.


Guadalajara – 1,500m
El Fuerte – 90m
Cerocahui – 1,600m
Divisadero – 2,050m
Creel – 2,340m

measurements above sea level

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