Prices & Fees

To see the most up to date prices and requirements for our current day tours and multi-day trips in one place, please check the individual tour pages. The prices given on those pages are for larger groups (day trips: 6-12 people, and for multi-day trips: 16-34 people), yet we can run trips on a smaller scale just for you and your close friends or partner at an adjusted price. If you wish to talk to us about a smaller tour or a personalised itinerary, then please contact us and we can discuss your options and pricing.

For travel services and help with reservations, please come and talk to us and we will give you a quote for the help you need.

Currency & Payment methods

All of our prices are given in the local currency of Mexican Pesos (MXN) using the symbol ‘$’ as per the law. However we can receive payments in other currencies either by cash (bills need to be clean, unmarked and not damaged to be accepted), or transfer to our bank account. If you wish to pay with a currency other than Pesos, we will quote you on the exchange rate on the day and include in said price any conversion fees that may be generated (for example by cashing a foreign cheque in Intercam – cost $10USD approx).

As payment for any tour or service we can accept any of the following methods (subject to individual conditions, enquire for each one):

Cash – Pesos or foreign currency
Credit cards
Debit Cards
Bank deposit
Bank transfer
3rd party transfer service (such as Wise, PayPal, Western Union, etc)
Foreign cheque