Our Recommendations

Want to wrap your head around the very long and complicated history of Mexico? Or maybe you’re looking to add another resource website on all things Mexico to your bookmarks bar.

Below you’ll find a list of our recommendations, from books and further readings. Got a recommendation you think we should add? Then drop us an e-mail and we’ll add it to the list!

Note: these books are in no particular order of favourites, date or subject matter, so do check out the whole list. To view the information about each book, simply hover your mouse pointer over the image, or on tablets and phones touch the desired book image.

Articles & resources links

A website and hub where latest research papers on all subjects are shared. A great resource in particular for articles on history and archaeology and a great way to connect with working academics and researchers throughout the world.

The online encyclopedia which is far more reliable than what you’ll read on Wikipedia and is a great resource both for articles on historical events, places within Mexico, or Mexican customs and traditions.

Ancient West Mexico by Eduardo Williams (2018 – ongoing)
A series of articles about the archaeologist’s ongoing research into an area of Mexico not well studied, archaeologically. For the most part, archaeology in the west of Mexico is poorly preserved and research into its earliest inhabitants in sparse in comparison to other parts of the country. These papers present a detailed overview of what we know, as well as what we can hypothesise and assume based on this knowledge.