Color de la Tierra Co-op Coffee Tour

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Cost: $1,900 pesos per person

Duration: 9am – 5pm

Trip size: 6 – 12 people


Local guide
Coffee & cake
Guided tour of the plantations

Not included:
Ice cream

Organic, shade grown coffee

Located in the Sierra de Manantlán biosphere reserve, in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range, is the community of Cuzalapa. Here, in the year 2000, a group of ladies formed a co-op called “Color de la Tierra” to rescue and preserve the coffee growing traditions of the local area. They now grow their own coffee, as well as purchasing coffee and other products from 53 local families, which they sell from their small community store.

We start the day with an hour and a half journey from our office in Melaque up towards the Color de la Tierra workshop in Cuzalapa. Upon arrival, we will meet some of the ladies who work here and hear about their history and story over a cup of their own delicious coffee.

We’ll then get a tour of the workshop and roasting areas, with explanations about the roasting processes and machines used here.

From the workshop we head out into the grounds of the plantation and receive a guided tour from either one of the ladies of the co-op or their single male member, Gustavo. As well as coffee bean plants, we’ll see what other flora is grown here and learn about some of the natural and medicinal benefits of certain plants. In recent years some ancient petroglyphs have been uncovered on the property, so keep an eye out for these hidden wonders.

We then head back to the workshop for a traditional, homecooked lunch using whatever produce is in season, accompanied by a delicious agua fresca drink.

After lunch and before we head back to Melaque, you’ll get the opportunity to buy anything made and sold by the ladies of the co-op in their shop. As well as coffee, they also sell Jamaica (hibiscus), mojote, honey, and a variety of hand sewn and embroidered items.

We’ll make a pit-stop in the town of Cuautitlán on the journey back for ice cream, which we highly recommend trying, arriving back home in Melaque around 5pm.