Coahuila, Durango & a full solar eclipse

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Join us for a tour to the ‘burning north’ of Mexico. Famed for its deserts, vineyards and hidden oasis pools. We will be timing our tour for the full solar eclipse which will pass over Durango on April 8th 2024. This is the first eclipse to be fully visible in Mexico since 1991 and will also be the only fully visible eclipse in Mexico in the whole of the 21st century! And as well as this it will also be the last total solar eclipse passing over the continental US until 2045!

Our tour will take us over state lines between Durango and Coahuila as we visit some of the natural wonders of the North of Mexico such as the sand dunes of the Dunas de Bilbao and the world’s 2nd polymetallic mine near Mapimí. We will also visit areas important to the Mexican Revolution and arguably its most famous personality – Pancho Villa, and we visit the magic town of Parras de la Fuente and Casa Madera – the oldest winery in the Americas. Home to several vineyards that have been recently voted as the best wines in the world in several categories.

And of course we will have a day dedicated to the eclipse!

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A 6 day tour to the north of Mexico with coinciding with a full solar eclipse

Trip Overview

Day 1: Melaque to Torreón & Matamoros

We travel from Manzanillo airport to the second largest city in the state of Coahuila – Torreón. Depending on our flight times we will either take a city tour upon arrival or head to our hotel in nearby Matamoros before an evening group meal.
Accommodation: Matamoros

Day 2: Solar eclipse

This day of the tour is dedicated to the solar eclipse. The eclipse will start around midday, so we will be taking an easy morning relaxing in the hotel before setting up in the garden area around the pool to watch the events unfold. In the evening we will have a group meal prepared by the hotel of local cuisine.
Accommodation: Matamoros

Day 3: Puente de Ojuela & Mapimí

After breakfast we will drive just over an hour to the town of Mapimí and its mine located just 15km away. Here we will travel up a single lane road that was once the railway track that brought material down from the world’s 2nd polymetallic mine which produced (and still does in small quantities today) gold, silver, lead and more. To arrive at the mine we will walk across the 325m long suspension bridge – Puente de Ojuela where we will then visit the inside of the mine and learn more about its history. After the mine tour we will have a wonderful buffet lunch before heading down to the town of Mapimí to visit the small museum with a fantastic photographic exhibition showing more of the history of the mine and the area. Then we will return to Torreón for a city tour followed by a return to our hotel for the night.
Accommodation: Matamoros

Day 4: Viesca & Parras de la Fuente

Following breakfast we will depart our hotel to head to Viesca, home to the beautiful Dunas de Bilbao golden sand dunes, and the small magic town of Viesca. From Viesca we will head to Parras de la Fuente, another magic town that is famed for its wines which have won best wine categories at a world level. We will take a walking tour of this charming little town to learn more about its history and taste some of its wonderful food and regionally produced candies!
Accommodation: Parras de la Fuente

Day 5: Casa Madero & Torreón

After a leisurely breakfast and some free time, we will visit the world famous Casa Madero vineyards. In operation since the 16th century we will tour the fields and storerooms before having a guided tasting as well as seeing an original 70 million year old dinosaur fossil found nearby. After our tour we will return to the town for lunch before we head back to Torreón for the evening.
Accommodation: Torreón

Day 6: Return travel

Our final day is our return travel back to the Costalegre. Times to be confirmed upon booking of flights.


2024 Price:

$28,000 pesos per person (based on double occupancy)

$4,000 single person supplement


6 days, 5 nights

What’s included?





All Entrance Fees


Medium to High



Warm in the day, cooler at night.


Torreon – 1,124m (3,670ft)
Durango – 1,988m (6,512ft)

measurements above sea level

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