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What is included in the price of your tours?2019-06-10T16:47:11+01:00

All tour prices (day and multi-day trips) include guide, transportation and entrance fees. Our multi-day tours also include accommodation and breakfasts. Please check the specific tour page on our website for full details or drop us an e-mail or visit us in our office for further information.

What type of transport do you use for your trips?2019-06-10T16:48:20+01:00
  • For trips with 14 people or less, we use sprinter vans, or similar. These seat a maximum of 14 comfortably. For long journeys (5 hours or more), we would restrict the number of passengers to 12 to give everyone a bit more leg room and space to stretch out.
  • For all trips with 18 people or more, we use full sized, first class buses which have air conditioning, washroom and TV screens. These can seat up to 40 people comfortably (plus guide, staff and driver).
  • Some destinations are too far to travel by bus for a short trip, so in this instance we would fly. Specific flight details will be provided for your trip closer to departure date.
What language are your tours in?2019-06-10T16:49:21+01:00

We are able to provide guided tours in both English and Spanish.

Are your tours suitable for children?2019-06-10T16:49:55+01:00

Yes, we are more than happy to have children on our trips. Please contact us beforehand though before booking on so we can discuss what the tour involves and also see if we are able to offer any discounts for children.

What travel services and advise can you offer?2019-06-10T17:12:38+01:00
  • Whilst we offer a range of day trips and multi-day trips every year, we are also more than happy to arrange for you tours to other destinations within Mexico, for a fee.
  • We are not a travel agent as such, however, with over 25 years of combined experience travelling throughout Mexico, we can assist with flight bookings, accommodation, trip itineraries and arranging for local guides to meet you at your destination, as well as providing travel tips and advice to anyone wishing to explore this country further, at their own leisure.
  • We also can assist with visa applications and offer advice for general immigration and naturalization queries.
Do you offer tours other than those advertised on your website?2019-06-10T16:51:13+01:00
  • If we do not currently offer a tour to a destination you are interested in visiting, please contact us and we will see if we are able to arrange something for you. This can be a private trip for your group or we can advertise it to the general public.
  • Each year we try to visit somewhere different, so if we are unable to fit in a tour for the current season, we will do our best to organise one for the following year.
How difficult are your tours, physically?2019-06-10T16:51:49+01:00
  • Please visit the tour specific page on our website or drop us an e-mail/pop by and see us in our office for a particular tour.
  • Generally though, all of our trips rate as low – mid difficulty. Our tours are slow paced but we adjust/cater to needs of the group of clients on each individual tour, accordingly. If you have any particular concerns or queries, please contact us.
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